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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rosie Perez Sues ‘Law & Order: SVU’

Rosie Perez Sues ‘Law & Order: SVU’
By Vicki Salemi

Talk about a pain in the neck! Literally. Academy Award-nominated actress Rosie Perez is suing production companies behind Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for an undisclosed amount. She suffered from neck injuries directly related to the show!

According to The Daily News, papers were filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court based on the production companies’ negligence related to her numerous neck injuries. In a 2009 shoot, Rosie experienced several herniated discs in her neck after an extra forcibly shook her.

In the scene, Rosie played an irate mother and stuck her head inside a car to choke another mom before a school crossing guard pulled her away. Referring to one of the takes, Rosie’s lawyer Brian O’Dwyer told the newspaper, “I guess he got carried away with the scene.”

Since then, the 46-year-old actress underwent two operations, one of which included spinal fusion last summer. Bone marrow was transplanted from her pelvis into her vertebrae. She ended up attending a White House event in a wheelchair and neck brace!

“She’s still suffering severe pain, numbness of the arms, and she’ll never be the same despite the surgery,” said her attorney. Plus, Rosie has missed out on almost a year’s worth of work due to the injuries and recovery.

As for the dollar amount she’s seeking? The suit actually doesn’t outline a dollar sign. Combining the severity of the injury and lifelong nature of it, along with Rosie’s earning potential, Brian said the damages will be “very substantial.”

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