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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Learn a Little Something from Judge Judy

Learn a Little Something from Judge Judy

On reinvention
If you're thinking of starting a new career, cross your fingers and do it. Take a risk. Don't be scared.
Prenuptial agreements
Judge Judy is a big believer in prenuptial agreements. The easiest way to protect your property is to simply list it as yours when you apply for a marriage license.
How to tell when someone is guilty
Life has a common sense theme. If something doesn't make sense, it isn't right. If a story doesn't make sense, pay attention.
Small claims court
Filing a small claim can be extremely stressful. Before filing, decide how much your time and aggravation are worth, and realistically examine what the likelihood is that you will actually get the money in the end.
Don't regret your choices
Judge Judy doesn't revisit cases once she's reached a verdict. During a trial, she devotes 110% of her attention to getting as much information as she can, then makes the best judgment that she can with it.
Morals and ethics aren't school subjects. Children learn this by example in their own homes. If your child is being a bully, it is your duty as a parent to address the behavior and work toward changing it. We don't ask parents to teach history or science, do your job as a parent and don't blame the school for your child's actions.
Prevent yourself from ending up in court
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't cheat anyone else, don't hurt anyone else, and don't act irresponsibly with someone else's property.
The main lesson
Judge Judy hopes that her viewers learn to be responsible for their actions from watching her show. People spend too much time trying to be devious. If they spent that much time trying to fine tune a skill to make a living they would be successful.

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