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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Former Homicide Prosecutor Hit By Florida Bar

Ana Gardiner Case: Former Homicide Prosecutor Hit By Florida Bar

The Florida Bar has found probable cause against Howard Scheinberg, former Broward homicide prosecutor and Scott Rothstein partner who became (extremely) close with former Circuit Judge Ana Gardiner while trying a gruesome murder case in her courtroom.
Don't have time to expound -- and there's really not much to expound upon at this point -- but the Bar has found that Scheinberg engaged in "conduct in connection with the practice of the law that is prejudicial to the administration of justice."
Now we can't be sure what that means but it likely has something to do with the hundreds of texts and phone calls between Scheinberg and Gardiner, some of them while the Omar Loureiro death penalty trial was still active. Gardiner, who was chief criminal judge at the time, resigned her position on the bench when the Judicial Qualificiations Committee found that she had been untruthful about the nature of her relationship with Scheinberg. She is now in private practice.
More coming on this one -- and for more read JAABlog.

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