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Monday, April 11, 2011

Toddler Served Alcohol at Applebee's

Toddler Served Alcohol at Michigan Applebee's

A 15-month-old boy was rushed to the hospital after consuming alcohol accidentally served to him in a child's cup at a Michigan Applebee's.

It started when Taylor Dill-Reese ordered a kid's meal for her son, Dominic, requesting apple juice as the beverage. At first, the mother attributed her son's unusual behavior to "just being sleepy," she told MyFoxDetroit.com. "He was saying 'hi' and 'bye' to the walls, and he eventually laid his head down on the table," Dill-Reese said.

But the mother grew suspicious when Dominic refused to eat his food. She took a swig from his sippy cup and realized her toddler wasn't tired -- he was tipsy. After alerting the manager, Dill-Reese learned her son was given alcoholic margarita mix instead of apple juice, according toClickonDetroit.com.

Madison Heights police were called to the scene and determined the drink contained a small amount of alcohol. The child was taken to the hospital, where doctors placed his alcohol level at .10 -- over the legal limit for an adult driver, the local Fox station reported.

Police believe the incident, which appears to be an accident, happened when a leftover mixed drink combination was mistakenly labeled as apple juice, according to The Detroit News.

Doctors told Dill-Reese her son could have died if he drank the entire cup, ClickonDetroit.com reported. The toddler was checked out of the hospital after doctors determined he was OK.

Applebee's issued a statement calling the incident "unacceptable" and promised to work with local authorities. And of course, surely a lawsuit will follow...

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